A North Alabama native, Mary Hames spent her childhood summers on Smith Lake, with her best memories including thunderstorms on the water, canoes in the creek, and exploring the nearby woods. Mary is a scientist (BS and MS in Chemistry, PhD in Biochemical Genetics), and works as a Medical Director for a pharmaceutical company focused on genetic neurological conditions of children. Mary honed her business acumen with an Executive MBA from Kennesaw State, a top 10 Global EMBA program. In 2017, Mary returned to Cullman after some years away and acquired her first commercial building. Mary has a passion for buying, renovating, and renting commercial real estate, now owning more than 20,000 square feet of commercial space in Cullman. (And she’s always looking for more!) She also has experience developing raw land around the lake. In 2020, Mary opened her property management firm, Carolyn Jett Property, to streamline and expand her property portfolio. With this in place, Mary joined Lake League, and now manages additional commercial and lake rental properties for other real estate investors using the team and processes she has already in place. Offering full-time proactive maintenance, cleaning, marketing, and revenue optimization, her property management expertise is a welcome addition to the team! Mary is passionate about rehabbing and renting real estate, focusing on goal setting, ROI’s, and smart design. In her down time, she enjoys traveling and family walks with her husband and daughter.